Oramo Gynecologist

Oramo Gynecologist

Mobile Application

  • Get easy access via mobile application
  • A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer

Go paperless !!

  • Improved communication between doctors, staff, lab and patients thus maximizing the efficiency of the clinic
  • Makes clinical notes and documentation legible, and reduces clinical errors
  • Easy analysis of your data with dental billing software
  • Easy access of the data with dental office management software
  • Dont panic to carry papers just use your screen with fingertip... Be Technosavy with Orama technologies

Online / Offline Software

  • Oramo Dentist software which works offline
  • It does not require any network for accessing

Biometric Scanner Used

  • Oramo Dentist is the only software till the date which takes Biometric Consent Form (In Marathi, Hindi, English)
  • Biometric Patient Search and Biometric login !

Single click Patient History

  • Treatment History with prescriptions given Patient Paids and Pendings
  • Consent forms given (Marathi,Hindi,English)
  • Receipts, quotation plan & Referral forms given Treatment Images & X-rays taken

Finance View

  • Overall financial income,pendings and expenditure can be viewed easily
  • we can take a look of it Daywise, monthwise and yearwise

Clinical Records

  • We can maintain all types of Lab Records, Material Records, Maintainance Records and Salary Records

SMS Facility

  • We can send all types of SMS like Patient Registration SMS, Patient Appointment SMS, Patient Payment SMS
  • Patient Birthday SMS, Patient Appointment Reminder SMS, Lab Work SMS, Lab Payment SMS, Dealer Payment SMS
  • Doctor Appointment Reminder SMS, General SMS (Bulk SMS)

Rolewise Access

  • We can assign rolewise customized access to software (Admin, Doctor, Assistant)

Billing, Prescription and Quotation Facility

  • We can provide Customised treatment bills,Prescription (with marathi, hindi & english instuction)
  • Quotation plan to patient

Easy Appointment Access

  • We Can easily set and reschedule appointment by just drag and drop facility with SMS service

Smart Card Facility!

    Accurate identification of each person who receives healthcare has multiple benefits:
  • Decreases medical errors
  • Expedites the admissions process
  • Reduces healthcare costs
  • Expedites claims reimbursement
  • Reduces the incidence of medical identity theft and fraud